Customer Quotes

“I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am that I found your honey. And thanks to the little girl that stopped me and gave me a sample. I decide to try to stop sugar & flour completely…. I like to drink tea so I started using your raw 936911_orighoney that I had purchased in January 2014. I used one 1 teaspoon per cup of tea. As the months have gone by I realize I don’t have pain in my knees and my back any longer. I realize that stopping the sugar and replacing it with honey my pain is gone. I tried to use other local honey and it’s just not the same. I encourage everyone to stop the sugar, it’s poison to your body. Replace it with the raw honey. You will also notice that everything tastes better once you stop the sugar. So thank you so much. Your honey has truly been a blessing for me, thank you.”  -Sylvia D., Ventura, CA“Better than ice cream”  -Cyrus F., Blythe, CA

“I don’t like honey, but WOW that’s amazing!” -Esther S., Quartzsite, AZ

“Hi all, just wanted to say, ‘thank9358052_origyou!’ I purchased a quart jar at Quartzsite this year and have been eating it straight out of the jar.  It is the best honey EVER!!!  So, what else can I say?!  Thanks again” -Patty M., online correspondence



“Great for the Flu Cough” -Carl and Diane T., Pahrump, NV

“Best honey I have ever tasted, and I have tasted a lot of honey” -Misty S., Orangeville, UT

“I think it’s the best honey I’ve ever had” -Raymond B., Quartzsite, AZ

“Hi, I just ordered a gallon of your honey because after buying a quart from you at Sturgis I have been VERY impressed!  This is the best honey I have ever eaten!  I truly love it and it is so yummy in my green tea.  Thanks again, can’t wait to get more!” -Kim A., online correspondence

“GREAT STUFF!” -Susan C., Magalia, CA

“This is the best honey I have ever had!  I am literally using a spoon and eating it right out of the jar.” -Kach W., online correspondence

“I need a bunch of that!” -Jaden, age 3, Sturgis, SD

“The BEST honey I have ever tasted!  I make an herbal Throat Honey.  Using this honey put my product over the top!” -Brian Hornbeck, Herbalist & Traditional Healer, Quartzsite, AZ