Treasure State Honey Award Winning


Treasure State Honey took home the gold medal in liquid honey and Bronze in Comb Honey in the year 2019 at Apimondia!

We are proud to announce that our honey won the gold medal for crystallized honey at the 2017 Apimondia Conference in Istanbul, Turkey!

Apimondia, or the International Federation of Beekeepers’ Associations, has been held in a different country every two years since 1897.

This year there were 13,000 beekeepers,researchers, and vendors from all around the globe. They gathered to share knowledge, promote the honeybee, and to enter their honey into the world’s most prestigious honey competition.

The competition could be considered “the Olympics of Honey”, and this year saw 530 different entries from 170 different countries.

We were proud to represent the U.S.A in this competition, and to take home a gold medal! Thank you to all our customers for supporting us and spreading the word about Treasure State Honey.
You are the ones who made this possible!

2017 Apimondia Honey Show Results:

• The first place for Extracted Honey produced by Apis mellifera class was HILAL MOHAMMED AL-WAILI, from Oman.
• The best monofloral honey was won by MOHAMMED ALSARDY ALSHAMARY from Saudi Arabia.
• The best polyfloral honey was won by SERGEI MULIUKOV from Russia.
• The first place for granulated honey was awarded to JIM SAVOY from the USA.
• The first place for comb honey was awarded to DİLEK ÖZKAN from Turkey.
• The first place for Honey products (with added cinnamon, nuts, dried fruits, etc.) was awarded to MAREK VARGAPAL from Slovakia.
• The best mead was won by MAREK VARGAPAL from Slovakia.