Helpful Links

Bringing Up Bees at Home – Mackenzie a fan of our honey turned us onto this article chock full of good information!

Randy Oliver’s Scientific Beekeeping website – Randy’s website helped us a lot when we were newbees.

Michael Bush’s Practical Beekeeper website – Highly recommended for small-scale beekeepers.

Groundworks Farm – our neighbors in Fort Shaw MT. They grow the tastiest organic tomatoes and the most delectable pastured pork.

Nakagawa Ranch – The Nakagawa family raises rare Wagyu cattle for Kobe style beef. They allow our bees to live on their beautiful California ranch in the spring. Their conservation practices make Nakagawa Ranch a very bee-friendly place.

The Melissa Garden has an excellent list of plants you can grow to help honeybees and other pollinators.

The Guide to Beekeeping for Adults and Kids is a well-organized introduction to bees for anyone who wants to understand them better. Special thanks to Jack and his mom, Susan, for sharing this link!

Our Vendors

Blue Ribbon of Montana Gifts – Great Falls, MT. Lots of unique gifts in this little gem of a store.

Rainbow Foods – Juneau, AK

Spring Hill Bees – Hope, AR

Keil’s Clairemont – San Diego, CA