Raw Honey From The Heart of Montana

Raw Honey From The Heart of Montana

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Montana is known as The Treasure State for its abundance of precious natural resources. We believe that our bees make treasure too, at the purest and highest quality raw honey can be found anywhere. Treasure State Honey is a family-owned beekeeping business based in Cascade County, MT. We work hard to keep our bees happy. We want to ensure that the honey they make gets to you in its purest and most natural RAW form in order to preserve its health benefits. Our honey is not heated, filtered, or otherwise messed with in any way! We are also proud to say that our honey is award-winning from Apimondia, or the International Federation of Beekeepers’ Association, where our hard working bees brought the U.S.A. the gold in granulated honey!

World's Best Raw Honey

Treasure State Honey took home the gold medal in liquid honey and Bronze in Comb Honey in the year 2019 at Apimondia!

Worlds Best Honey




Taste Testers At The Made In Montana Trade Show

Honey Made In Montana Worlds Best Honey

While we catered to all the attendees at the Made In Montana Trade Show this weekend, we were greeted by a new super fan of our honey! We gave him a sample of the regular, chokecherry, and huckleberry honeys and he gave us his rankings from left to right. We loved seeing so many smiling face at the Made in Montana Trade show and can't wait to be back next year with some more worlds best honey!

Taking Home the Gold and
Bronze Medals At Apimondia 2019

Apimondia Winner Worlds Best Honey
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"Met him in Yellowstone last week at old faithful. I tried his honey and just loved it. So I went to buy a couple jars. When I came back Jim was speaking with my 13 yr old autistic boy who has a severe eating disorder. My boy only eats a few foods. Doritos, crackers, bagels, and peanut butter are his go to. So anyways he told my boy "I’ll bet your dad that if you don’t love my honey I’ll give him another jar." I thought to myself, well I’m gonna get a free jar! Because my boy doesn’t like anything. So very unwillingly my boy tried it, and he absolutely loved it! Shocked the hell of out of my family as we stood there and watched in disbelief. He doesn’t like anything. But we are so grateful he now has found another food he will eat. He had been eating peanut butter and honey bagels!! Can not thank you enough. Needless to say I went back to Nebraska with quite a few jars of honey. Thanks again."
- Aaron K.

"I have never...I am speechless...I don't even like honey, I bought this for my husband...this is one of the best things I have EVER tasted. It got here so fast! Thank you folks, what an experience! I must sound like a nut, but seriously this honey is truly ambrosia!"
- Traci Newman

"Hi all, just wanted to say, 'thankyou!' I purchased a quart jar at Quartzsite this year
and have been eating it straight out of the jar. It is the best honey EVER!!! So, what else can I say?! Thanks again"
-Patty M.

"Best honey I have ever tasted, and I have tasted a lot of honey"
-Misty S.

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