Worlds Best Honey

Creating the Worlds Best Honey

Released June 22nd, 2018

What goes into gaining the title of worlds best honey? We’ve got the scoop from the man himself Jim Savoy. In 2017 Jim took home the title of worlds best granulated honey from the 2017 apimondia. Jims knowledge is boundless when it comes to beekeeping, so let’s dive in!


Choice of vegetation is key when producing honey. Different plants create different tastes of honey. For Treasure State the choice was made simple as the hives are placed near the Sun River in Montana. Here Alfalfa, Sanfoin, Hairy Vetch, Clover, and other wild-flowers bloom. The bees gather pollen from these plants from May to September giving an exceptional honey producing period.


You can’t have honey without honey bees! With over 20,000 known species of honey bee it can be difficult selecting the right choice. For Jim the Italian, carniolan crossbred was the perfect match for Treasure State as these bees have a reputation for having the most productivity and longevity. Even the most productive bees have limitations though. Jim explained that “The Bees produce honey at different rates depending on the plants production of nectar that year, which is controlled by mother nature.”


Now for the best part! Treasure State Honey harvests their worlds best honey once in July and once in August. Everything from the care of the bees to the harvesting and finally the jarring of the honey is handled in house at Treasure State Honey. By keeping everything in house Treasure State makes sure the worlds best honey has everything great still in it from hive to table!